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AC/DC Motors

Badger Electric’s key suppliers offer a broad range of AC and DC motors that range from fractional to 15,000 HP.


In addition to standard AC and DC motor offerings, Badger Electric motor also offers Metric Motors by Laffert, Brook Crompton and CEG, and a full line of Servo Motors by Fanuc, Siemens, and Indramat.

  • IEEE 841- 5 Year Warranty
  • Mill Duty
  • 200 Volt
  • C-Face
  • Vector Drives
  • Close Coupled Pumps
  • F-2 Mount
  • Hostile Environment
  • Stainless Steel & Washdown
  • Two-Speed
  • Permanent Magnet
  • Premium Efficiency 3 Year Warranty
  • Crusher Duty
  • 575 volts
  • Explosion Proof
  • Inverter Duty
  • Design C High Torque
  • Design D High Slip
  • Pre-NEMA 1952
  • Automotive Duty
  • Lifting Magnet Generators
  • Medium Voltage 4,160 V
  • 50 Hertz
  • Brake Motors
  • Special Voltages
  • Jet Pump
  • Smart Motors
  • Metric Motors (IEC)
  • Marine Duty
  • Shunt Wound DC
  • Stabilized Shunt DC
  • BISCC Certified

Key Suppliers

ABB/Baldor/Reliance/GE/US Motors/WEG

Baldor’s extensive line of General Purpose motors are available in a wide variety of construction enclosures from industrial steel band open designs to harsh applications requiring totally enclosed cast iron designs in both single and three phase.


Designed for “general purpose” use means that these motors can be used in many applications. The Super E Motors (EM & CEM) provide NEMA Premium efficiency and are designed as standard to be inverter ready with wide variable torque speed ranges.

IEEE Motors

Each petroleum, chemical, power generation, pulp/paper, mining, metal, mineral, water/wastewater, and general process application has unique torque, speed, voltage, enclosure, temperature, and industry standard requirements that must be designed into motors.


The initial cost of an electric motor makes up 5% or less of the total cost of operation. So all aspects of motor operation should be considered when purchasing motors:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Efficiency
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • System Criticality
  • Lifecycle
  • Environmental Impact

Our Motors address many failure causes:

  • Heat
  • Contamination
  • Vibration
  • Misalignment
  • Lubrication Issues
  • Electrical Discharge
  • Stress, Load, Fatigue
Stator Windings
  • Heat
  • Load
  • Inverters
  • Contamination
  • Voltage Issues

Louis Allis

Louis Allis has experience with building motors for nearly every industry, and our specialty motors meet even the more rigorous standards for industrial applications.

  • Specialty Motors
  • NEMA Motors
  • Recertified Motors
  • Military
  • Utilities (Fossil, Nuclear, Hydro, Wind, Gas)
  • Pipelines
  • Foundries
  • Aggregate Plants
  • Mining and Fracking

Metric and Foreign Motors

Our suppliers include top vendors in the industry.
They include Brook Compton, Laffert and CEG among others.
These suppliers offer models that cover most every retrofit or new design requirement. Contact Badger Electric Motor with your specifications.

Servo Motors

Servo motors are at the heart of many machine tool, robots, positioning and other motion control applications.Whether applications call for a retrofit or are intended for new equipment, the full range of products we offer is sure to meet your needs.


Our suppliers include FANUC, INDRAMAT, ABB, Baldor  and SIEMENS